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29 Sep 2016

After we're done here

Let's go call Jill Stein a bitch,

And send her dick pics.

27 Sep 2016

Reaction Figure

Twelve inches* of Trump!

It's a great stocking stuffer!

*hands actual size.
26 Sep 2016

Texas Ranger

Thanks George, but no thanks!

They say once you go Barack,

You never go back.

25 Sep 2016

4th and Inches

Colin Kaepernick!

Call me on my private line!

I'll do the kneeling.

23 Sep 2016

Sure, it's your real hair...

Where did it come from? Down there?

You should build a wall!

22 Sep 2016

18.5 Minutes

I made a sex tape!

But it was so long ago

that it's on 8 track.

20 Sep 2016


This is my O face.

"O" in this case means orange,

Like a creamsicle.

19 Sep 2016


We shouldn't do this...

What if somebody found out?

Barack would kill me!

18 Sep 2016

Yellow Dog

Bill and Hillary,

Two leashes in the picture,

And not one on Bill.

16 Sep 2016

The Trumpside Down

Spoiler alert, guys!

Next season of "Stranger Things"

Looks a lot like this.