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01 Mar 2007
As you might suspect, I spend a lot of time trolling the website, enough to know the whitehouse photographers by name and typical assignments (David Bohrer covers the VP, Paul Morse is practically glued to W.'s side, and Shealah Craighead has the impossible task of trying to find the correct amount of light and shadow so the First Lady doesn't look like a goddamn Sleestak) so I couldn't help but notice's new site design.
I suppose it's just a coincidence that the new website looks an awful lot like another site I've seen recently. (well, if you fix the issue the WH site has with Firefox on Linux and replace the pale blue with more of a golden tan)
Look, If you're going to rip off my design at least give me credit for it. Sure, it's actually some drupal theme guy named Gurpartap's design, but that's not the point! I expect to be able to go to your site, freely appropriate as many pictures of the president , vice president and heads of state as I want, slap vulgar haiku on them, then return to my nachos, all without having to worry about you eyeing my clever site design, or hoarding all the good pictures of Condoleezza.
Failing that, if you must shamelessly copy DailyHaiku, at least begin metatagging your pictures in a more usable manner or naming them more intuitively. Sure, it's easy enough to find pictures of the president and the rest, but they're not organized to my liking. For example:
07 Nov 2006
So soon after Halloween I'm almost afraid to mention his name for fear that the invocation could revive his spirit and restore him to living flesh, just in time to rampage through the Democratic Party like some bad 80s horror villain. But, for the sake of an election eve cautionary tale, I'll risk it, the chance of him steping through a glowing pentacle while wielding a chainsaw and wearing a Willie Horton mask is relatively small:
Lee Atwater...