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04 Nov 2006
01 November, 2004 by clown7

Jesus speaks to him,
things like "Turn the other cheek."
and "Repent Jackass!"

04 Nov 2006
09 November, 2004 by clown7

Adios Ashcroft.
You'll never be half the man,
Janet Reno was...

04 Nov 2006

Jenn and Tonic

02 August, 2005 by clown7

African schools suck!
I've been here twenty minutes,
and I'm still sober.

04 Nov 2006


08 August, 2005 by clown7

Lunch is like lying,
Rumsfeld keeps serving it up,
they keep eating it.

04 Nov 2006

Imminent Danger

13 August, 2005 by clown7

Don't knock on the glass.
You could get his attention,
and then he'll attack.

04 Nov 2006

Dessert Storm

16 August, 2005 by tampioca

You, me, and your mom,
in the back of Air Force One,
I'll bring the jello.

04 Nov 2006

Endless Summer

29 August, 2005 by clown7

Stupid hurricane,
why can't this happen next week?
I'm on vacation!

04 Nov 2006

Or Osama

01 August, 2005 by tampioca

Sign up, see the world,
get new uniforms and guns,
maybe catch herpes.

04 Nov 2006

Chemical Attack

14 August, 2005 by tampioca

Dude, I can't help it.
I had chili dogs for lunch.
What do you expect?

04 Nov 2006
27 August, 2005 by vasan

Her tongue in his ear,
licking, probing, wet and wild.
Thank God for dark pants.