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04 Nov 2006
15 November, 2004 by clown7

Colin's moving up:
a cabinet level post,
with the Wu-Tang Clan.

04 Nov 2006

Foot soldier.

17 November, 2004 by clown7

New Powell Doctrine:
Next guy who calls me "colon",
gets my boot in his.

04 Nov 2006
25 November, 2004 by vasan

My dearest husband,
we're in debt and lost our house.
So much for stop loss.

04 Nov 2006

Sugar Daddy...

28 November, 2004 by clown7

If things get too weird,
I'm an amendment away.
Who loves you baby...?

04 Nov 2006

Pardon Me...

24 November, 2004 by vasan

As a governor,
I never spared any lives.
This is weird for me.

26 November, 2004 by vasan

This mosque sure is nice.
We blew up tons just like it.
My God's got bombers.

04 Nov 2006
29 November, 2004 by clown7

Pull out of Iraq?
If only he'd felt that way,
about Barbara...

04 Nov 2006
02 November, 2004 by clown7

The war makes sense now.
Halliburton's new business:
cut rate stone crosses.

04 Nov 2006
14 November, 2004 by clown7

We don't need a draft!
Maybe we should just adjust,
the enlistment age.

04 Nov 2006
10 November, 2004 by clown7

They're not shaking hands,
it's a way to wipe off blood,
called "diplomacy".