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04 Nov 2006
13 May, 2006 by clown7

How do I put this?
"Mike, your head looks like a skull.
It's freaking me out."

04 Nov 2006

Missed One

27 May, 2006 by clown7

On Dick's to-do list:
tax cuts, bomb Iran, call George,
make Lynn take her pills.

04 Nov 2006
15 September, 2005 by tampioca

I've got lots of shirts,
but if "moxie" means "dumbass"
then that shirt's all me.

04 Nov 2006

Buck Up

05 September, 2005 by clown7

I can't give you much,
just a hug and a kind word
then you're on your own.

04 Nov 2006
09 September, 2005 by clown7

She opens her mouth
and moronic stuff comes out,
same thing with her legs.

04 Nov 2006

Lead Underwear

25 September, 2005 by clown7

The comic was right,
these x-ray specs are awesome,
kinda like free porn.

04 Nov 2006
22 September, 2005 by clown7

Somewhere near Kabul
there's a really pissed off smurf
nursing a sore ass.

04 Nov 2006

Best Friends

12 September, 2005 by clown7

To prove Kanye wrong
we're gonna start calling her:
Kanye-leeza Rice.

04 Nov 2006

Geneva Sausages

23 September, 2005 by clown7

Still can't break their will?
Try the ultimate torture,
cream chipped beef on toast.

04 Nov 2006

Failing Upward

14 September, 2005 by clown7

I always screw up,
but I can never get fired.
I love this country!