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04 Nov 2006

The Bomb Squad

25 May, 2006 by clown7

Enough talking boys,
it's already 10:30!
Let's blow some shit up!

04 Nov 2006

The Piper

02 May, 2006 by clown7

We accept VISA,
Mastercard, Discovery,
checks, and cold hard cash.

04 Nov 2006

Oh, Gee...

17 May, 2006 by tampioca

You're pretty cool man.
You shake hands like a gangsta.
But you're a honky.

04 Nov 2006
31 May, 2006 by tampioca

Um, President Bush?
"Shaking hands with Mr. Dong"
doesn't sound like fun.

04 Nov 2006


18 May, 2006 by clown7

Look out Osama!
Desert patrol saves the day!
Amarillo's safe!

04 Nov 2006
01 May, 2006 by clown7

A little soft shoe,
I'll dance around the issues,
then slide out of here.

04 Nov 2006

Stuck on You

26 May, 2006 by clown7

I'm not letting go!
I'm not letting go either!
Fine! How do we pee?

04 Nov 2006


04 May, 2006 by tampioca

They are just so big,
Sometimes I carry them here,
So I walk better.

04 Nov 2006

Sticky Business

10 May, 2006 by tampioca

Don't open that bag,
the contents are top secret:
Twix and a Hustler.

04 Nov 2006
05 May, 2006 by tampioca

Man, I love this part.
Sometimes they throw drawers at me.
Not theirs, some fat dude's.