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04 Nov 2006

Smooth Operator

05 June, 2005 by clown7

The hard desert wind
pounds against tightly drawn skin
like a drum solo.

04 Nov 2006

Womb Raider

21 June, 2005 by tampioca

She thinks she's so hot.
Adopts a Cambodian
and now she's Miss thang.

04 Nov 2006

Maid to Order

06 May, 2006 by clown7

Does she do dishes?
Super, I'll get my checkbook.
I'll name her "Lupe".

04 Nov 2006
30 May, 2006 by clown7

Hurricane Dubya.
Landfall: November '06.
Congress runs like mad.

04 Nov 2006

Bad Cop/Bad Cop

24 May, 2006 by clown7

What'll we do next,
after we're done with this gig?
Buddy cop movies?

04 Nov 2006

The Chene-Gang

23 May, 2006 by clown7

I love my groupies.
They used to be N'Sync fans,
'til I came along.

04 Nov 2006


03 May, 2006 by clown7

Conversation stoppped
when Jeff Gannon's myspace page
scrolled across the screen.

04 Nov 2006

Deep Dish

11 May, 2006 by tampioca

No pepperoni?
I'll substitute something else.
Send extra hookers.

04 Nov 2006

She Bangs

21 May, 2006 by tampioca

I hear you're real smart.
Can you build me a robot?
With a vagina?

04 Nov 2006
29 May, 2006 by clown7

Let's not mince words here,
I'm technically a "moron",
"dumbass" is just slang.